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OMR Therapy - Mouth Opening Treatment

MARCEL-OMR Therapy is PROTOCOL for Oral Mucousa Restoration technique which reverses the process of locking of Jaws and brings back elasticity. MARCEL-OMR Therapy is combination using MARCEL poly herbal rinse along with keeping good oral hygiene by regular brushing teeth with MARCEL Poly-herbal Toothpaste and using anti-oxidant JS-63, CURCUMIN+PIPERINE capsule. This is followed by physical exercises of jaws. Last but not the least, keep good dietary and lifestyle habits.

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The first step to treat oral submucous fibrosis is to stop chewing tobacco in any form. Patients should increase intake of fruits and vegetables instead of oily and spicy foods. The further treatment of patients with oral submucous fibrosis depends on the degree of clinical involvement. Most patients with OSMF present with mild to moderate disease such patients can be managed with MARCEL OMR Therapy.

Patients should strictly follow 30 days MARCEL OMR Therapy for visible improvement in conditions. The MARCEL OMR Therapy treatment is symptomatic and predominantly aimed at improving mouth movements. Regular dietary and lifestyle habits should be followed for complete oral mucosa restoration.

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MARCEL OMR Therapy reverses the process of locking of jaws and brings back elasticity caused by excessive eating of Chewable tobacco like Pan-masala, Gutkha etc.

a) Objective:
  • Improvement in mouth opening (nter- incisal / alveolar clearance)
  • Tongue protrusion (From the reference point of lip vermillion)
  • Relief from fibrotic bands (digital palpation)
b) Subjective:
  • Relief from intolerance to spicy food
  • Relief from burning sensation
  • Improvement in salivation, mucosal rigidity, depapillation of tongue
  • Relief from tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
  • Relief from difficulty in swallowing (especially of solid food)
  • Relief from difficulty of speech (phonation)

Till the introduction of MARCEL OMR Therapy, It was accepted by medical profession that :

A) There is usually no regression of the fibrosis
B) No treatment can effectively reverse locked jaws cause by Fibrosis.

MARCEL OMR Therapy has made breakthrough by providing effective treatment by reversing OSF and by helping opening the mouth to its full extent.

Secret of MARCEL OMR Therapy is innovation in therapy and its results. It is established fact (as per dental science) that OSF cannot be cured as bringing back lost elasticity of jaws is not possible which is caused by OSF. All the prevalent treatments are of temporary nature and having very low success rate. On top of it, they are VERY EXPENSIVE and PAINFUL.

Contrary to established facts, MARCEL is successful in bringing back elasticity of jaws and as a result it opens the “locked” jaws. The result of MARCEL is fast, visible and permanent in nature. In addition to this treatment of MARCEL, it is less costly than any prevailing methods. And application/use is so simple, just gargle.

  • Patients with pre-cancerous oral lesions (like OSF) show increased number of micronuclei (Mn) in exfoliated oral mucosal cells and circulating lymphocytes. Administration of MARCEL - Oral Rinse along with JS-63 Capsule and Marcel Poly herbal toothpaste (Known as OMR Therapy) to OSF patients relieved from their symptoms of OSF. The study investigated the decreased incidence of Mn in Oral mucosal cell and circulating lymphocytes when treated by MARCEL OMR Therapy. It has given significant protection against increased Mn and significantly more effective in reducing the number of Mn.
  • MARCEL OMR Therapy act systemically on target cell such as oral mucosal cells, conferring chemo-protective activity against cytogenic damage in patients suffering from OSF.
Simple Opening Stretch
Simple Opening/Stretch -Open and close your mouth slowly and correctly for about ten openings and take a breather
Lateral Movement Exercise
Lateral Movement Exercise - Open jaw about one inch from clenched bite. Move lower jaw as far to the right (straight to the right without opening more) as is comfortable
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Lateral Movement Exercise - Combine these movements to move your jaw into a circle. Open and close your mouth as you rotate your jaw left to right. Make 10 circles. Repeat another 10 circles in the opposite direction. Repeat 3 times.
Passive Stretching Exercises
Passive stretching exercises - Place one thumb on your upper teeth in the middle of your jaw. Place the index finger of your other hand on lower front teeth at the middle of your jaw. Stretch your jaw opens by pushing your bottom jaw down with pointer finger. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds.
  • OMR Therapy acts as a very effective Blood vessels stimulant. It stimulates nerves fiber that does not transmit pain. The resulting impulses are thought to block the painful impulses the patient has been feeling. Thus impart relief in pain.
  • OMR Therapy is a very powerful Smooth Muscle Relaxant, which relaxes, softens & relieves tightness of the muscles thus enable painless movement of Jaws.
  • OMR Therapy penetrates through the layers of skin and stimulates the regeneration of mucosa by removing lactic acid and dissolving excessive keratin accumulation.
  • OMR Therapy provide deep heat when proper jaws exercise is followed the gargling. When warmed, blood vessels dilate, and blood can more quickly carry away the accumulated lactic acid that may be causing muscle stiffness & pain.
  • OMR Therapy has strong Deodorant, Astringent, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-microbial properties, which is responsible offering high and potent therapeutic value to cure OSF.

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OMR Therapy