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MARCEL is a pioneering and path-breaking medicine, researched by prominent and world renowned Indian Herbalist Mr. Kandarp Bakshi. MARCEL is a new adjunct in the treatment of oral submucous fibrosis (OSF),commonly known as locked jaws, having high therapeutic value for treatment of various mouth ailments more specifically of OSF or commonly known as Locked Jaws. MARCEL is derived from 100% herbal sources and hence it is safe while using. MARCEL has also not shown any Side Effects or Reactions. More interestingly, patients need not to observe any precaution when taking treatment of MARCEL . Any age Group can be benefited from MARCEL


Following treatments are currently advised for Oral Sub-mucous Fibrosis (OSF)
• Multivitamin and anti-oxidant Supplementation.
• Excision and Skin Grafting.
• Intralesional Injections of Steroids into the hard tissue.
• Surgical removal of hardened bands.
• Tongue in Cheek (Tongue Flap) and Naso-labial Flap Surgery.
• Physical Therapy –e.g. Electromyography, Spray & Scratch Exercise, Friction Massage,
• Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, topical steroidal cream and jelly for local application.


Its believed that OSF is “irreversible”. Elasticity of buccal mucosa cannot be brought back. MARCEL does it with aplomb. MARCEL-OMR Therapy re-assures OSF patients for bringing back elasticity of buccal mucosa by regenerating the damaged mucosa.

According to various studies carried out at national and international levels, it has been proved beyond doubt that Gutkha and Pan Masala contains ‘Mutagens’ which can change our normal tissues in to cancer tissues, and can cause a progressive disease called, Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis (OSF). After some time of chewable abuse the skin loses its elasticity. Thus, the disease has been termed as Oral (meaning mouth), Sub mucous (meaning skin below the delicate skin of mouth) and Fibrosis (meaning hardening and scarring). Its acronym is OSF. OSF management is considered to be NON-REVERSIBLE in nature by Modern dental science.

Contrary to what is believed about OSF, MARCEL is intended to reverse the process of locking of jaws and bring back elasticity in the mouth. Not Only Opens Up the Mouth But Also Closes Down The Chances of Oral Cancer.


Well-researched blend of alkaloids derived from natural origin having high therapeutic value is the secret of MARCEL success in OSF treatment. It reverses the process of Locking of jaws by:

(1) It stimulates nerves fiber that does not transmit pain.
(2) Regeneration of mucosa
(3) Conferring chemo-protective activity against cytogenic damage in patients suffering from OSF.
(4) Smooth Muscle Relaxant
(5) Strong Deodorant, Astringent, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-microbial properties


(1) Arguably the first medicine in the world which reverses the process of Locking of jaws and brings back elasticity of jaws. It’s contrary to what modern dental science believe. According to dental science, locking of jaws caused by OSF cannot be reversed / cured.
(2)Faster Visible result
(3)Simple in use, only gargle
(4) Immediate relief. Opening starts within one week. Patient can eat spicy food in spicy food in 2-3 days


Innovation is therapy and results. It is established fact (as per dental science) that OSF cannot be cures as bringing back lost elasticity of jaws is not possible which is caused by OSF. All the prevalent treatments are of temporary nature and having very low success rate. On top of it, they are VERY EXPENSIVE and PAINFUL.
Contrary to established facts, MARCEL is successful in bringing back elasticity of jaws and as a result open the “locked” jaws. Results of MARCEL is faster, visible and permanent in nature. In addition to this treatment of MARCEL is less costlier than any prevailing methods. And application/use is so simple, just gargle.


Following is the working mechanism of MARCEL on various symptoms of OSF

– Effect on chronic inflammatory cell infiltration of sub epithelial connective tissues.
-Effect on juxtaepithelial inflammatory reaction, which is followed by fibroblastic changes of the lamina propia.

– Effect on scarring of delicate skin of mouth.
– Effect on reddened area in oral cavity.

– Effect on thickened layers of Keratin builds up.
-Effect on lesions present as a blanching of mucousa, imparting a mottled, marble like appearance and palpable fibrous bunds running vertically in the buccal mucousa and in a circular fashion around the mouth opening or lips. (Effect on atrophic epithelium, which demonstrates intercellular edema)
– Effect on thick bands of hyalinized subepithelial collagen showing extension in to submucousal tissues, which typically replaces fatty or fibro vascular normal tissues on the site.


Short term RELIEF Long term CURE
May have Side effects No Side effects
Painful Pleasing
Needs medical attention. Simple. Gargling Can be done without medical help
Low Cost but more effective Very Expensive; less effective
Relief may be late; Slow result Immediate relief; faster results
No Need for any special care May need after care after treatment


# Innovative Concept.
# First Ever Medicine which offers CURE and not just RELIEF.
# Simple use method.
# MARCEL is less costly than any prevailing methods.
# Contrary to established facts, MARCEL is successful in bringing back elasticity of jaws and as a result open the “locked” jaws


(1) Low cost treatment. Affordable to poor patients also.

(2) Improves life as mouth is opened. Patient can eat everything including hot, spicy, sour and salty. Can take solid food. ( in extreme case of OSF patient cannot open mouth and hence 2-3 teeth has to be removed and liquefied food is given by straw)

(3) It aids preventing oral cancer. Thus, saving pain, agony and money

(4) In case of OSF terminating in to cancer, the effected part and its surroundings has to be surgically removed . Causing deformity of face. MARCEL eliminate this possibility by preventing OSF to advance.

(5) Patients of OSF who lives in rural area don’t have access to dental specialists. Even they have, they don’t have that much money to spend. In such scenario, a chance of such OSF termination in to oral cancer is very high. MARCEL play the role of Social Medicine here by providing very effective, faster cure of OSF at very very affordable cost by simple use methodology whereby rural patients don’t need help of medical practitioner. As MARCEL being having no-side effects, it is safe for such rural patients. By preventing OSF terminating into Oral cancer, MARCEL can be a great boon to the patients of OSF and save such patient’s money and pain. MARCEL has very strong social value as product


As MARCEL is world’s first medicine for OSF , its process and formula is patented.


MARCEL is clinically successfully tested at various reputed Government Dental Colleges with high rate of success. Test marketed and was very well accepted by the users/patients and medical professionals


MARCEL has several alternate usages. It is very potent for keeping high standards of oral-hygiene. MARCEL is strong Deodorant, Astringent, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Antimicrobial properties, which is responsible for offering therapeutic value to cure most of oral diseases like Gingivitis, Bleeding Gums, Toothache, Bad breathe and Pyorrhea; apart from OSF.


MARCEL OMR Therapy consists of combination usage of MARCEL- Poly Herbal Oral Rinse, MARCEL Lycopene JS, MARCEL- Curcumin JS and MARCEL-Poly Herbal Toothpaste and Jaws exercises.

MARCEL OMR therapy is multi-pronged treatments for early and effective relief in OSF and its symptoms like inability to open mouth, Burning sensation and irriration while having spicy foodstuff. MARCEL-Poly Herbal Oral Rinse aids in re-generation of oral mucousa, while MARCEL-Lycopene JS and MARCEL- Curcumin JS offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property. Its is also anticancer and possesses healing property. Good oral hygiene is a must for healthy mouth. Keeping good oral hygiene by regular use of MARCEL- Poly Herbal Toothpaste helps fight against OSF. Last but not the least, jaws exercises. It holds very importance in OMR as it act as muscle relaxant and speed up opening of mouth.

MARCEL OMR Therapy is a composite warfare system to combat OSF (Locked Jaws) and its painful symptoms


MARCEL is safe and does not have any side effects is used as per directed. Please read Patient Information very carefully. Do not worry if swallowed. Its 100% herbal formulation and hence there are no harmful effects on wallowing portion of MARCEL. If you feel discomfort on swallowing, please consult your doctor.


Nothing to worry. Normal dose of MARCEL- Poly Herbal Oral Rinse is 15 drops in 100 ml of water (preferably lukewarm). Mucousa/skin inside mouth and lips are sometimes severely damaged and hence the burning sensation. You may increase the quantity of water to adjust the concentration. Revert to normal dose as soon as MARCEL- Poly Herbal Oral Rinse starts healing/restoring damaged mucousa. Please do not over-dose.

Sometimes, mixing of MARCEL into water is not done properly and MARCEL remains on top surface of rinsing solution. Therefore, stir well before rinsing/gargling. It is also strongly recommended to use loke warm water for mixing MARCEL into water.


Luke warm water dilates the blood vessels well. Hence alkaloids of poly-herbs of MARCEL penetrates deep inside mucosa/skin layers. It help faster healing/restoration of mucosa. Further, lukewarm water helps MARCEL to mix well into water. This avoids any chances of feeling burning sensation or irritation.


Minimum 2 times in a day. First rinse, immediately after waking up in the morning. Second rinse just before going to bed at night.


You may eat or drink after 15 minutes of rinse. It is advisable to not drink or eat after rinse at night which is done before going to bed.


Yes. You can do more than 2-rinses. Please keep minimum 4-hours gap between 2-rinses


It is suggested to act by multiple actions including anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antifibrinolytic, antioxidant, muscle relaxant and restorative action on mucosa.


You can buy it from online from our website.


Yes. MARCEL can be taken along with existing medications.


Depending on clinical condition of OSF (locked jaws), duration is decided. Relief symptoms are seen with 30 days treatment. However, it may take 3-6 month to alleviate the symptoms of OSF (locking of jaws).


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